Happy Thanksgiving!

>> Tuesday, November 24

(sweet Thanksgiving place settings from Soft Day Studio's Etsy shop)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Wow, this year has been tough (I eloped, dropped out of college, moved to a different State, weaned myself off all bi-polar medication, began a new job, started up a business, and lost a best friend to a car accident) but amidst it all, God has been good and I have even more things to be thankful for! Here's my list--what are YOU thankful for?

I am thankful for:
  • A holy and loving God
  • my Caleb: a kind and loving, strong and passionate husband, friend and confidant.
  • Caleb's family, who live so close and have been a blessing to us DAILY
  • my former art instructor, Dorothy Benson, who has taught me everything I know about art and many of the things I know about life
  • time and materials to practice my art
  • my parents and brothers, who despite all I've put them through still love me
  • the internet, and all the coolness therein
  • my friends, who cry and laugh with me through anything
  • enough steady income to provide all necessities and some wants
  • a rental apartment that allows us to keep our Fluffinator (aka, DC, our very fluffy cat)
  • joy and hope, for without them I would be nothing

In the spirit of the holiday I will be concentrating on all that I am thankful for and giving this little blog of mine (and me!) a break. I'll be back to posting Monday morning.

Happy Thanksgiving, and God bless!


Emily & Caleb

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Emily & Caleb

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