>> Monday, December 7

Thought I'd start out with a goofy pair of pictures of me covered in silver ink. Somehow, no matter how "clean" the project I'm working on, I manage to make a mess. It's nice to know that some thing never change eh? :)

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That being said, change isn't always bad. To make a long story short, I'm taking a break from blogging. Between the holidays, illness and starting up our store, I just don't have the time. We'll be back for the new year, revamped and ready to share with the world once more.

Thanks so much for reading.


Emily & Caleb

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Anonymous,  Dec 14, 2009, 6:06:00 AM  

I'm kinda doing the same thing...blogging is hard work and time consuming! ;o) Will miss your words in the meantime...

You look marvelous in silver, dahlink!


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