1:12 scale watercolors for a dollhouse

>> Tuesday, May 18

So I've been working on some new mini watercolors for a client who owns three doll houses set in 1895 England. Last night I pulled up my "reference photos" folder on my computer (a hideously large file, might I add) and browsed through it until I came to a picture that I liked, and spent the next half hour painting my own version of it. Repeat this several times and you have this little collection of paintings.

(Sorry for the lame photographs--I took them at two am by the light of my bedside lamp.)

The first letter of the little Bible verses feature gold paint and a "antique" wash that is not at all greenish like this photo implies. Just use your imagination, folks, lol.

You can see how tiny they are when you see them next to a penny! The dollhouse is in 1:12 scale, which means that anything that is a foot long in real life is only an inch long in the dollhouse. So these paintings would be 18"x18", 9"x9" and 9"x18" in real life.

I did a little research on the 1890s and it looks like it's a wonderful mix of impressionism, Art Nouveau, B&W photography and sweeping majestic landscapes. Of course, most of my research was in the American market so I forgot that images like the barn would not be very English. Duh. So that one is not going into the English dollhouse.

But the trees and the cliff might. We'll see.

I was going to frame the paintings as you can see by my first attempt below, but then the customer said she prefers to frame her own. What relief!! Lol. I am not an expert in mini framing, that's for sure.

More "dollhouse" paintings to come. Stay tuned! :)

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