Guitar Papercutting, in Honor of Michael

>> Thursday, May 13

So here is my second papercutting--it took me about a week. Michael's love of music inspired me, so thanks, bro! Here's how I did it:

I drew a guitar shape onto a piece of paper, cut it out and then scanned it. Then I scanned sheet music from the themes to Jurassic Park, Chariots of Fire and Jaws. I cut and pasted music and musical symbols onto the guitar image in OpenOffice Draw, then enlarged and varied the angles to give the image a random and eclectic look.

I chose a funky font for Michael's name and the words "guitar" and "music" and added those in. I made all images 50% transparent so that I could see everything, and printed it out.

Then I sketched in random designs like stars and swirls with a pencil, and began the long process of carving out the image.

I was planning to spray paint the image white over a nice sheet of black paper and produce a negative image and two works of art, but I'm not as happy with the quality as I wanted to be so I'm going to retry the idea and be more careful to have even lines and a more balanced composition this time. Stay tuned!

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