Spanish tile papercut for a custom wedding card

>> Monday, May 31

A customer needed a Spanish-style wedding card for her friend's wedding. I looked up some Spanish tiling work and though, ooh, these would make perfect papercuttings! My client loved the idea and I set to work, picking out colors that evoked the drama and beauty of Spanish art--blue, black, yellow, red.

I sewed the names of the bride and groom onto the cover as well as their wedding date. My client also wanted a saying in both Spanish and English with the words amor and love emphasized somehow. I was going to sew all the words but soon realized that would weaken the paper too much, so I settled for gold and silver paint pens in what I hope is nice cursive! So I decided to just sew the love words, stitching four little paper hearts into the letters.

I originally tried to sew the black outer card to the white inner card with a red and gold ribbon, but Caleb and I agreed it just didn't go. So I just sewed them together with embroidery yarn for strength and a sheer black ribbon for beauty. MUCH better. The card was complete.

At this point I realized that though the card was completed, I had a lot of unused papercuttings lying around on my desk. I cut a few more and experimented with arranging them and ended up creating this seal for the envelope.

Before this project I had never "woven" my papercuttings, but if you notice on the "tile" the yellow curls are both over and under the blue leaves, and in the seal the yellow spikes are woven into the red swirls. I like that look and am definitely gonna repeat it in the future.

Last but not least I had to "sign" the card. I adore circles and since buying a 2" circular papercutter have taken every opportunity to incorporate them into my work. :)

And here's the finished set.

Congratulations, Eric and Jessi! May God bless your love with perseverance and joy.

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