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>> Thursday, March 17

My dearest readers,

Fear not that I have abandoned you. But I do feel I owe you an explanation for my continued absence on this blog.

The short of it is that I have hit a rut, and in that rut found inspiration in a different direction, a direction in which I am now headed but am not yet ready to fully reveal to the blogosphere.

The long of it is this: I began this blog to collect all the lovely artful things I found inspiring across the internet and in my own work, ponderings and discoverings. Maintaining this blog, however, became more and more time-consuming and simultaneously became more and more distant from the direction my art has been taking.

I've always loved producing original art, and this has not changed.

A painting's life can be extended even after it's sold in other forms, such as prints, note cards, gift tags and other paraphernalia bearing that same image. I launched into all this with such enthusiasm that I did not forsee the bog I would slowly sink into, overwhelmed by too much inventory and stretching myself too thin both creatively and financially.

Rather than eliminate all these things I have been searching for a way to scale back significantly and just focus on the truly essential and inspiring aspects of my art. And I believe I have now found that way.

Hence I am reorganizing everything--my Etsy store, my blog, my art schedule and even my attitude towards life. Contrary to popular recommendation I do NOT feel inspired to change by announcing my intentions to the world and then have everyone cheer me on to the finish line. Instead, I prefer to ponder things in my own heart and experiment in earnest on my own, in private, before announcing to the world what my plan is.

So, dear readers, there you have it. I will be launching my "new self" in the epic year of 2012. Meanwhile, I have applied to graphic/web design school to finish my undergrad and am furiously and excitedly experimenting with my new artistic direction.

I love you all. Stay tuned.

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