Kickstarter Project Launched!

>> Tuesday, September 22

Dear friends,

Our Kickstarter project has launched! Yay! You can access the project here:

Our store, however, is not up and running yet!

First, Caleb and I need $1250 to get started. There are two ways to help us out. One, spread the word about our project! Help us get people excited about it.

Two, pledge toward our funding goal. You can pledge as little ($1 even) or as much as you want. Here’s how it works: After you enter your pledge amount you will be given the opportunity to pick your reward. We have many items to choose from, including coupons to the store, prints, greeting cards, originals, even custom paintings! Just be aware that no matter how much you pledge, you will NOT be charged until November 3, and that’s only IF we reach our goal amount. And if at any point before the deadline you wish to change or cancel your pledge, you may do so as many times as you want. Pledging is very safe—your credit card will be handled by Caleb and I nor will ever see or have access to your information.

Thanks again! Remember that even if you cannot pledge, you can still spread the word and encourage us in our goal. :)

Love you all!


Emily and Caleb

P.S. For those of you who have blogs or other websites, feel free to post the widget on your site. It will automatically update to give the latest stats on our project. The widget can be found on the Kickstarter page (linked to above).

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