Abstract Photography: Beata Czyzowska Young of =incredi on Deviant Art

>> Tuesday, September 15

"Last Tear ..."
Photograph by Beata Czyzowska Young [aka "incredi"] on DeviantArt.com


I can't even describe her art, except that it's perfect.

Every picture has balanced composition and values, harmonious colors, and an ethereal feel that makes your mouth form a little "o" and breathe in. She has the ability to find shapes and colors in the most mundane of scenes and objects. I love her work, and hope you will too.

Beata Czyzowska Young is a digital photographer who hails from Australia. Purchase her artwork from her shops on deviantart.com and on redbubble.com, or you can merely browse her extensive portfolio.

Click on any of the photos in this post to enlarge them.

Painting With Light

The Suncatcher

Date With the Sun

What's Your Flavor?

Good Morning, Faires

Sitting in Traffic

You are the First One

Neverending Story

We're Not Hamburgers

Art of Bubbles


Lady in Red

Flamingo Dance

Where Fairies Hide

Where Fairies Live

Tuesday Morning

Ms. Rain is Going Out

The Journey

Where Summer Ends

Please Don't Interrupt

State of His Mind

Music For Springtime

Just Hanging

Sunset Sonata

Sunset Boulevard

The World of a Spider


Catching a Cab

The Very Hungry Snail

Listen to the Silence

Simple as That

Making Raisins

When Spring is Red

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Anonymous,  Nov 12, 2009, 7:47:00 PM  

Thank you so much guys,glad you like my work and appreciate the feature,xoxo from Down under.

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