Our project is 9% funded and counting!

>> Tuesday, September 29

Hello again! :)

Thank you so much for all the encouragement people have sent our way and to those who have already pledged to our Etsy store project. Your prayers and love are what keep us going. We have already raised over $100, or 9% of our goal! Please continue to help us out by sharing our project with your friends and by pledging to our project if you haven't already. Even $1 will help set us on our way! :)

A few other updates:

1. Where can I see some of your artwork? Take a look at our Flickr.com gallery.

2. Is donating safe through these websites?
The simple answer is yes, absolutely.  Every transaction on Kickstarter uses Amazon.com's Checkout to charge your credit card and Etsy uses Paypal. Both Amazon and Paypal are reputable companies that are trusted world-wide for their top-notch security. (I've used them both with my personal credit cards and have never had a single problem.) So, this means that Kickstarter, Etsy, Caleb and I will never have access or control over your credit card information, just Amazon and Paypal. So don't worry, you are safe. :)

3. Where's this store you keep talking about?!
I've had a few people ask, "Where's the store? Can I buy something yet?" Well, that's actually what this project is all about. There is no store. Yet. There is no product. Yet. All I have so far is a pile of artwork on my shelf and an idea. But, in order to make this artwork into prints and greeting cards, I'll need a scanner first. Oh, and a printer might help. And some ink. And paper, etc. That is what this project is all about. This is what you are donating towards. When you make a donation through the kickstarter webpage, you get to pick your "reward" which is a selection of products from our store. In essence, I am asking you to pre-buy products. This way we both win. I get the money I need to buy the equipment, and you get beautiful product from our store at a big discount from the retail prices!

4. What art are you working on now? I have finished the third painting in my "Ugandan Sun" series. I will post a photograph of the series soon on our blog so stay tuned. Meanwhile I am starting a series of tiny watercolors (less than 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch each! Oh my!) inspired by photos I have taken at the pond company where I work. I work surrounded by ponds, waterfalls, water lilies, koi [colorful Japanese carp], frogs and the occasional turtle, and for a while I've been wanting to capture this beauty in some of my paintings. The sound of falling water all day long is beautiful until you need to pee and the one bathroom is occupied. But I digress. :)

Thanks again, everyone, for your support. Just $1134 more to go in a little over a month. I'm excited.

Grace and peace,


P.S. Even though our store is not yet up and running, we are still present on the interwebs!

    * Our blog: www.CalebandEmilyDesigns.Blogspot.com [you're already here! :)]
    * Twitter: @CandEdesigns
    * DeviantArt: www.Marotiel.DeviantArt.com
    * Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/calebandemilydesigns
    * AIM: CandEDesigns
    * Email: CalebandEmilyDesigns@yahoo.com

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