"Ugandan Suns" series

>> Thursday, September 10

A can of peaches sat on my blank sketchbook, smirking at my lack of creativity. What to paint next?!

So I started by tracing a circle around the bottom of the can. Then I added some triangles. And a few abstract lines. I selected a deep black and a blood red from my watercolor palette, and mixed an ochre and bright yellow to my liking. Then I filled in the shapes with a special mosaic pattern that I developed while sketching one day during a particularly lengthy sermon. And behold, my watercolor series "Ugandan Suns" was born.

Why Ugandan? Two reasons. One, the design is distinctly African, both in color and shape. Two, I am donating 50% of the profits on this series to missionary work in Uganda. More on that later.

I am now on the third painting of this beautiful series, which will hopefully become prints and greeting cards once I get my printer and scanner up and running. If I can bear it, I might even part with the originals. We'll see. I usually can't.

P.S. Caleb is currently taking donations of canned peaches (his favorite) since I need the can to be full so it's heavy and will sit still on my paper while I trace. :)

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