Kittens! Because it's Thursday and I need a serious dose of cuteness

>> Thursday, October 22

"Ropey Upside Down Snuggles" by ~beautifulwolf

Kittens are the sweetest, most healing thing ever during a busy, headachey week. Enjoy these selections from Deviant Art. I certainly do.

"Vedge" by ~Aoxa-Cats

"91" by ~Ca-ts

"Hello People" by ~3thehardway

"Little One" by ~emmak8

"Kitty-Mart 01" by =hoschie

Aw ....

Want some more cuteness? Check out the I Can Has Cheeseburger? blog for some daily kitten laughs.

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dreameyce Oct 23, 2009, 7:52:00 PM  

Thanks so much for the feature! Ropey loves the attention *G*

Caleb and Emily Designs Oct 26, 2009, 9:44:00 AM  

You are very welcome. :)



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