These are a few of my favorite things ... Spats!

>> Wednesday, October 14

OK, confession.

I didn't even know what spats WERE until I came across them on Etsy. But now I'm in love. Indulge with me. :)

"Felted victorian spats Appetizer" by Rudman

"floral spats with white pearl snaps - size small" by Fait Avec

"Victorian STEAMPUNK Spats" by Poppy's Wicked Garden

"Bridal Spats - ANA" by Pond Hopper

"Multi Color Reversible Spats" by Fabulize

"Victorian Spats" by Fabulize

"Shooting Star Spats" by Fabulize

"Air Pirate Spats" by Froschdtl

"Crochet spats - Striped ankle spatterdash" by Crochet Unplugged

"In Bloom Ankle Corsets" by Totus Mel

"Spats - HOME FROM THE FOREST" by Pond Hopper

"Lisette- Black and White Houndstooth Spats w/rivets" by Ashes and Empires

"Spats - FORBIDDEN LIAISON" by Pond Hopper

"Lovely White Spats" by Monjio Creations

"Romantic Rose Spats" by Monjio Creations

"Lucia-Leather and Herringbone spats- Military style" by Ashes and Empires

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Yvette Wilson-Jones Oct 15, 2009, 12:41:00 PM  

Wow Emily. Nice pics and I feel so honored that you featured me on your blog. They all look great! Much respect to you and Caleb at your Etsy shop and the endeavors of mission work.

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