More "Ugandan Suns" and the debut of my tiny "Pond" series

>> Thursday, October 15

My beloved studio :)

Last weekend was super productive. I spent almost all my waking moments with my favorite brush in hand, humming along with Sarah McLachlan and occassionally looking up to see Caleb joining Manning in a victory celebration (Giants beat the Raiders bad, 44-7, it was sweet).

Here are the first two watercolor paintings in my tiny "pond" series featuring a water lettuce and a pink water lily. I paint from photographs I took at the pond and waterfall design and installation company where I work. I think I'm gonna do one featuring koi next, though they're hard to photograph ... hmmm.


I began with the background and underlying color.


Then I began to fill in the details.


And behold! My first two paintings. See how tiny these are? Only 1.5 square inches a piece. I love working small. Details are my friends!


I also began three more Ugandan Suns, this time on a much smaller scale.

A close-up of the twirly one.


So there are now six Suns in this series. More on the way! I'm also currently working on a commission of the Oregon coast. More on that later.

Any suggestions, my friends, or advice on what to paint next? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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