As the Sun Dances on the Water: Herons at sunset on Flickr, with a poem

>> Wednesday, November 18

I wrote this poem after hiking the Billy Goat Trail along the C&O Canal in Virginia, many years ago. Thanks to the amazing artists on Flickr for all the lovely photographs. :)

Nature I Have Seen
Have you ever seen the silver trees of winter ablaze with the fury of the evening sun?
I have.

Have you ever walked beside a river so still, that bird and rock and tree and moon cast their bold beauty upon it in perfect reflection?
I have.

Have you ever heard the water as it roars so silently over the stones and boulders that dare to oppose its passage?
I have.

Have you ever felt the icy water that now rests so quietly by the rocks, yet that once tumbled with spray and foam and wind over lofty waterfalls?
I have.

Have you ever seen the heron, so graceful in his flight, so splendid and majestic as he soars above the river water?
I have.

Have you ever sat in awe of nature's beauty so bold, and then in greater awe felt the presense of the One who spoke all this to life from nothing?
I have.
And He is beautiful.

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by xcom

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