Hootsuite: Making Twitter a Sane Experience One Tweet at a Time

>> Sunday, November 22

I avoided Twitter for a long, long time. Then my job required me to obtain a company account. Slightly perturbed, I entered the tweeting world determined not to get seduced.


Guess it was inevitable, huh? Though I now tweet happily for both my company (@GardenStateKoi) and for myself (@CandEDesigns), I would certainly not be able to do it without my new-found friend, HootSuite:

HootSuite enables me to do everything I need to, quickly:

Shrink links? One button.

Schedule tweets in advance? Two steps.

See/edit/send direct messages, scheduled tweets, mentions, and home feed at a glance on one screen? Got it.

Automatically search for and track certain key words? Yup.

Click-through rates and statistics on my tweeted links? Got it, referral and country stats included.

Manage multiple usernames under one account? Yes, they are just a tab away from each other.

Best part of all? It's free.

And of course, my newly acquired re-tweet button on every blog post is just the icing on the cake. :) Thanks to SolidBlogger.com for the code!

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Anonymous,  Nov 24, 2009, 1:33:00 PM  

I've just been tweeting from the web sans application...think it's time for me to get Hooty, thanks for the review! ;o)


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