A Bipolar Daughter and the Family Who Loves Her

>> Saturday, November 21

I came across Megan's blog earlier this year and have been blessed by every post. I too, have bipolar disorder (though not early onset like her daughter). Her compassion for her daughter and ability to separate the disease from the person is a true breath of fresh air..

An informative read for anyone who has or knows someone with this life-altering condition

On a related note, .a while back I came across these delightful renditions of a little neurotransmitter named Squishy delivering message in the brain where he lives. Whenever my own neurotransmitters get me down, I remember little squishy and he never fails to bring a smile to my face. :)

Squishy the Neurotransmitter by `ursulav

Squishy Climbs The Neuron by `ursulav

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