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>> Thursday, November 12

A young Severus Snape by ~love-squad

Snape and Lily by ~love-squad

I love fan art for the different perspective it brings on beloved characters. Take these photograph of a young Snape, lost in thought and love. Not what typically comes to mind when you think of him, no?

Or this delightful cartoon featuring the Nintendo character Princess Peach. Whenever PMS has got me down, I just remember Peach and her cake--it never fails to make me smile. :)

(As always, click on the pictures in this post for a better look.)

"Hello! My name is Peach!"
"No I don't WANT to go on an adventure!"
"Oh...was I yelling? I'm so sorry!"
"Who wants CAKE?!"
Super PMS Peach by ~Hail-NekoYasha

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A stunning pencil portrait of Michael Phelps by =akalilith

Alice in Wonderland photoshoot by =auriethepixie

Heath Ledger's Joker by ~nami86

"Smile for the Camera" by `bri-chan

Twilight's Bella and Edward by =abraun

"Hedwig Goes Poof" by `bri-chan
Apparently, when an owl is threatened it poofs up to intimidate its foe.

A great spoof on Spiderman II by *samlim

One of the many Fruits Basket cartoon strips by ~agent-indigo

Padme by *jasonpal

"Verifying Her Credentials" featuring a Star Wars storm trooper by *digimatte

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Hope Nov 12, 2009, 4:43:00 PM  

the Padme art is beautiful...

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