Beautiful water photo manipulations

>> Wednesday, December 2

"Waterose" by Marcelo Fedrizzi of Platinum Studios

I'm not usually a fan of photo manipulations. Unless they're done really, really well, they look tacky. Guess it's just the traditional artist in me, but if you are going to go through all that trouble, why not just start from scratch and draw/paint/make everything exactly the way you want it?

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That being said, many of my favorites on Deviant Art and elsewhere are photo manipulations. One beloved through rarer manipulation involves maodifying a solid object to look as if it is made soely of liquid water. I LOVE these and wish I could find more.

The water flame above is probably the most famous of such manips, but the two below are amazing also.

Do you know of any great water manipulations? Please share with a link in the comments!

"Waterose" by ~DeltaP42

"Frog Juice" by ~DeltaP42

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