OK, did I say Jan 1st?!

>> Friday, January 8

~Click image to see the beaded cards currently for sale!~

Yeah, sorry about that.

But being the genius I am I accidentally deleted the whole template, and too frustrated to start from scratch, I have been working with a graphic designer on Etsy to professionally remake this blog.

I've also come to the conclusion that my previous level of blogging was demanding too much of my time. I loved each and every post and didn't mind the effort it took to make them special, but the time--time, oh the time! The little white rabbit inside me has fallen down the hole, and I've rethought what, exactly, this blog is all about.

~Click image to see the snowflake items currently for sale!~

For now, this blog will feature occasional updates and behind-the-scenes on my current artistic doings. Hopefully at some point later in the year the artist interviews will return, but I will keep you updated.

Meanwhile, go check out our Etsy store to see the new beaded cards, the snowflake cards and the handcut orchid cards!


~Click image to see the orchid cards currently for sale!~

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Scrapninny Jan 8, 2010, 8:41:00 PM  

Wow - what an innovative idea! Lovely cards.

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