Memory Quilt Redo

>> Thursday, February 18

So I've been working on a "memory quilt" ever since I saw one on the wall of my friend Lizzy's house over ten years ago. Any fabric-based product my family went to throw away since then has been redirected to my "quilt bin." Above is the hand-sewn quilt so far.

But I haven't worked on it in years. Honestly, it just looks ugly. So the other night, I dumped out the quilt from it's bag as well as all the unsewn scraps ...


...and cut it all into over 200 three-and-a-half-inch squares. Nice!


So I am hoping that if the sections are all even the quilt will be much more pleasing to the eye. Yet I'll still be able to retain all the memories associated with the fabrics.


DC, our fluffy cat, decided that she approved much more of the scrap heap than the squares...


...tell me she isn't ridiculously adorable? :)


This is her "OK, the camera is a leeeeetle too close to my face" look


She fell asleep on the scrap heap, so I piled the rest of the fabrics around her.


It didn't take long for her to snuggle in!


Doh. So cute it should be illegal.


Sorry, I've digressed down Lookitmecat Lane ... but that's my project so far. I'll keep you posted on it when I finally get around to beginning sewing it. I don't have a sewing machine, though. I'm considering hand-sewing it but I have some thicker materials (aka jean) and that hurts my fingers. Gotta think about that one.

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