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>> Saturday, April 17

FRONT: You two are so cute together... INSIDE: ...that it's actually kinda gross. But seriously, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

A dear friend of mine asked me to design a series of little notes cards for various occasions (birthday, thank you, sympathy, etc.). She wanted silly/humorous little cartoons or sketches, something lovely and homemade.

I was thinking this could be a "sympathy" or "missing you" card.

At the word "cartoon" my heart sucked in it's breath--cartoons are definitely not my strength, probably because I never practice them due to a childhood dissatisfaction with my earliest work.

FRONT: [Ladybug sketch] INSIDE: Dude. You Rock. (Thank you SO much!)

Realizing that this is about the world's lamest excuse to not try again, I sat down the other night to sketch. With a pen. Ooooh.

These are the best of the sketches I came up with, along with caption/wording for the card.

No idea on a caption for this one yet...

I am planning on printing them out ont he computer, and then briefly handcoloring each one with either colored pencils or watercolors (I'd prefer watercolors but they might bleed the printed ink?)

What do you think oh my "wee sketches" and captions? TOO corny? :)

FRONT: You are wonderful and unique... INSIDE: ...just like everyone else. Oh well. Happy birthday!

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