Invitations, the first stage: Design!

>> Monday, June 21

I've been playing around with the idea of making some of my designs into invitations. So far I've put forth two designs that once I receive my replacement black ink (I swear my printer binges on ink when I am not looking!) via Amazon I'm going to print out and experiment with.

Oh and please forgive my spelling of RSVP--I know it should be Répondez s'il vous plaît--I designed these well after midnight on a work night and apparently my highschool French skills failed me miserably.

This one features my Tiny Pond Series painting Japanese Maple Leaf. The idea is to print out this image and then attach it to a piece of maroon cardstock that is a 1/4inch bigger on each side. I thought of maybe even layering the center image like that--instead of printing the maroon border, print out the maple leaf separate, attach it to another square piece of marron, glue THAT onto the invitation whichis then attached to the aforementioned largest piece of maroon cardstock. Just a thought.

The second invitation is much simpler and more elegant. I was thinking of maybe giving this a yellow cardstock backing, but maybe not. Maybe if I just print it on lovely edged cardstock or something. We'll know when I'm done waiting on my ink. :)

Any feedback or suggestions you have would be spiffy. Thanks!!

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