Morning Stroll (a poem)

>> Thursday, November 5

(I've tried to write a little poetry now and then even though I find the muse quite fretful.)

photo by ~edoaja

Hey there, may I help you?
I couldn't help but notice
That you're walking with a limp today.
Is everything alright?
Can I help you? Here, sit by me.
That's it, slowly now. Careful,
There you go, watch for splinters.
You know these old park benches.
Yeah, it really has gotten warm.
Crazy weather huh, for being
Yet so early in the spring?
I guess the birds like it.
Yeah, it's nice to hear them sing.
No, don't worry, it's fine.
I'm not in any rush.
You don't happen to have a lighter
On you, do you? No? Oh well.
Not sure where'd you'd keep one anyway, haha.
You gave it up, you say? Really now.
Nah, never considered it.
It's too good at calming my nerves.
No, not especially, more boredom
Than anything else. Yeah my job is
Boring as hell, 9 to 5, and
It makes me antsy. I want to see
The world, you know? Meet people,
Eat weird food, collect in a jar
A little dirt from every town I visit.
Why don't I? Well, you know people
Like me. Minimum wage job,
A few busy friends, a mom who calls every day.
I just don't think I have the guts.
Huh? Oh sorry, here, let's switch places
So the wind doesn't blow my smoke
In your face. Yeah, there we go.
Hey, you warmed the bench up nicely.
Yeah, too skinny for my own good.
Can't keep warm in the winter.
Should move to Florida or something.
Better yet my own Caribbean island.
Just can't afford it. Oh, it's not too bad
I spend my days crunching numbers
And my evenings letting my mind
Float wherever it fancies. Yeah,
Like my own flying carpet service.
Next stop, anywhere you'd like!
A fur coat? Well, not exactly my style.
Looks good on you though. Is it real?
My, my, must have cost a fortune.
Inherited it, eh? Well, if i were you
I'da sold it, put the money in stocks.
Yeah, I guess you can't really
Put a price on sentimental value.
Well listen, it's been nice catching up
but there's a game on. You interested
In coming back to my place
For a beer? Don't drink either, eh?
Well, kudos to you. Yeah, I'll catch you
Around sometime. Have a great--

Yo, Barney!

Yes, Officer? Good day to you!

And to you, Sir. Have you seen me
Old cat about? She's not touched
Her morning milk and that's unusual.

Sorry, Officer, I noticed she was
Limping and tried to cheer her up a little.
Here you go, she's all yours.
Yup, yup, nice day to you too.

~Emily Stevenson

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cybilscribbles Nov 5, 2009, 2:16:00 PM  

Enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous,  Nov 5, 2009, 10:28:00 PM  

Love the feeling off this: overheard. ;o) xox-Loren

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