Humanity, in black and white: Part III

>> Wednesday, February 24

The third collection in a series of black and white photography found on Deviant Art. Enjoy.

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(As always, click on the pictures for a better look.)

I love abstract photography--the photographer takes an everyday "mundane" object (here feet and a paves street) ad turns into something beautiful (a shining star).

From one of my favorite photographers of all time ... two adorable children.

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I love the speed and momentum of this photo. Every time I look at it I want to duck--when my cat does this it means she's pouncing on my head!! Haha.

This is the model Perish. He's one of the few fetish models I can appreciate--unlike most who just go for shock value, his work is actually art.

A beautiful photo taken by a father of his daughter on the verge of womanhood.

Feet are such a lovely part of the body. I love the strong darks and lights in this piece.

Two forks + an egg + the mind of Dave Nitsche = pure art

Aw. Need I say more?

I love the reflection and unusual angle of the camera to the floor.

Kitten! The curious expression on the cat's face and the use of empty space balance this photo beautifully.

A street becomes art when the angles are viewed just so.

Take a regular photo, turn it upside down, and you get a whole new perspective. Love it.

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