Next Painting--Mr. Kitty!

>> Monday, February 22

Tell me this is not one of the most ridiculously handsome cats you've ever seen?

Mr. Kitty was a stray found out by the highway that lays in front of Garden State Koi & Aquatic Center where I work. After bribing him with food he now calls our store his home, and can be found sleeping on any of the displays or buttering up the customers. I took this picture of him sitting on my (messy! ack!) desk one afternoon, and fell in love with the angle and his I-know-I'm-the-stuff expression. So this is definitely gonna be my next watercolor.

Probably gonna do a tiny painting of just his eye, to practice capturing the beautiful colors therein first.

And then this pose is adorable, perhaps my next painting after that:

I did have a complicated painting of a woman on a stag planned--that's on hold at present.

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