Paper Hearts and Photography Critique

>> Monday, April 12

I ran across a pile of hearts I'd created during my Christmas-time papercutting frenzy and just had to make them into something. So I cut up come card stock and construction paper and made them into notecards.

I'm really pleased with the results. I've listed them for sale here in my shop.

And then, seeing the new listings next to some of my old ones, I paused.

"Hey, that photo has a cool backlight," I thought. I hadn't noticed that before. So I kept looking.

"Oh lookit this one, the washout portion of the corner really highlights the intricacy of the corner heart."

And then I smiled.

In other words, I think my photography is improving. What do you think? I realize that these photos are a little fuzzy but that's because of the low, indoor lighting, so I am really just asking for composition and lighting contrast critiques. I'd really, really like to know what you think. I want to continue to improve!

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